Flexy Chain



Team Core formation

The birth of ideas

2016 was full of conferences and events that gave many interesting ideas for future work.


Algorithmic trading

Cryptocurrency rally

The year 2017 was marked by the crazy growth of cryptocurrencies, which united our team to develop all possible cryptocurrency bots for algorithmic trading. This year we have developed over 50 bots for trading in spreads, candlesticks, arbitrage, patterns, volumes, momentum and more.


ICO era

Smart contracts...

This year turned out to be full of various token sales. Many startups had money and ideas, but no developers. We closed this issue for them. In 2018, we developed a dozen smart contracts, several mobile applications and landing pages for ICOs. Started active development of our FlexyChain and exchange core. Wrote thousands of pages of documentation, white papers, one-pagers, etc.


FlexyChain boost

Inhouse development

2019 allowed us to concentrate on internal projects. We completed the main components of FlexyChain and developed a staking system, and our own wallet, alongside the explorer.
During the same time, the development of a matching engine for our own cryptocurrency exchange began.


NFT boom

ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard

The first orders for the Non-Fungible Tokens have started to appear. Therefore, our team quickly and confidently mastered the various standards of this technology and began the development of smart contracts that would allow us to build our own NFT marketplaces, games and social networks with NFT elements.


More NFT

–°ontinuing the race

2021 brought us many interesting ideas for NFT projects. We developed three card games and several interesting smart contracts for marketplaces and auctions.
The result of the work was our unique development - a social network that allows you to convert your media file into an NFT by one click in order to make money from it.


Exchange polishing

Product packaging

We have completed the admin panel, listing, adding graphs, user management, cold storage, connection of KYC and many other small things that allowed us to pack our exchange into a good and extremely optimized product.



Software as a service direction

We deeply understand the demand for the products we develop, so we aim to turn them into easy-to-use services for anyone.