Flexy Chain


Stanislav Ochkur 
Early Blockchain Enthusiast, IT visionary

Valeriia Kovtunova 
Public relations (PR)
One of the first you meet in FlexyChain

Veronica Khlivnenko
Human resources (HR)
The cornerstone of the team expansion

Alona Tymoshenko 
Business Development Manager
Tells the world about our achievements

Oleksandr Zakharchuk 
Knows how much a line of code costs

Roman Zamlynskyi 
Product/project manager (PM)
The guarantor of our deadlines

Andrew Meronyk 
Blockchain advisor
Knows almost everything about blockchain

Maksym Turovets
Solidity developer/blockchain architect
Magician of smart contracts

Andrii Hais
Java developer/tech lead
The foundation of our back end

Volodymyr Saienko
Frontend developer (VUE)
Fast and reliable front end

Olena Arsenii
Frontend developer (VUE)
Beauty creates beauty

Oleksii Myronenko
UI/UX designer
Everything starts with the design

Ihor Gladkyi
Mobile developer (React Native)
Creates convenience for you

Dmytro Voronyi
Manual QA
The most attentive person in the team

Myroslav Margita
Frontend developer (VUE)
Implements what you touch on the screen

Kateryna Kravchenko
Java developer
Our optimization and refactoring specialist

Vadym Skuratovskyi
Java developer
Turns complex into simple

Mariia Synelnyk
Java developer
Implements our algorithms for you

Zadorovych Artem
3D game designer
The dream of making games came true

Oleh Mazurok
Mobile developer (Flutter)
Makes your applications compact

Alla Karpenko
Manual QA
Exterminates bugs

Ivan Yakush 
Node.js developer
A person whose code never crashes

Serhii Marchenko
DevOPS engineer
Infrastructure genius

Oksana Matiash
Node.js developer
Loves to reread her code

Khrystyna Kopanska
Business analyst
Knows what, when, where and how

Valerii Chalyi
Data Scientist
There is never much data